Pendants with Style & Purpose

How often do you remove your ring to wash hands, prepare a meal, play sports or perform a task during which the ring may become uncomfortable to wear or get damaged?

Trinéitte presents our collection of functional fine jewelry pendants made of high quality sterling silver and gemstones that may be worn on their own and as need arises. Its patented design becomes a functional safeguard to keep your ring, earrings or glasses safe and secure and close at hand while you go about your busy life.

Rest assured, your precious valuables are safe, protected and ready to wear.

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Made in the USA of sterling silver and high quality gemstones, Trinéitte pendants are available in a variety of designs and shapes. The pendants may be worn with delicate silver chains of various fashion lengths, or as sporty silver and leather necklaces for both men and women.



Trinéitte pendants are a style statement when worn on their own to accompany any outfit, occasion or activity. When need arises, the pendant becomes a functional piece that can securely hold your rings and other valuables.

Don’t worry about ever leaving your ring behind again when you wash your hands, get a manicure, or travel.

Wear it on your Trinéitte pendant, and keep it safe on you!

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