Trinéitte is an innovative functional fine jewelry line founded in 2010 by Victoria Nazarenko, who is the inventor, designer and patent holder. Victoria started her career as a professor of linguistics and then moved into the financial sector, including positions in the World Bank, the International Committee for Economic Reforms and Cooperation and Citi Private Equity Services. Her life took an unexpected turn towards jewelry design as a result of an incident during a business trip to Chicago.


“While traveling, I took off my engagement ring to wash my hands, and forgot it in
the lavatory of the plane. By the time I remembered, it was too late. I never recovered it.
I know I am not the only woman that has found herself in this distressing predicament,
and became determined to find a solution”.


She researched, designed and set to work developing prototypes for securely clasping and protecting a ring whenever it is removed.


In 2010 she formed a company and applied for patents in both the USA and Europe. In 2014, she was awarded the patents for unique, functional pendants. Trinéitte pendants feature a bar that can rotate 360 degrees to open, receive an item such as a ring or hoop earrings, and then swing back and securely lock in place. The other rungs on the pendant can be used to keep a pair of reading or sunglasses handy, and even secure a scarf.


“In the five year process to develop Trinéitte, I also developed a new passion in my life:
to create a product which combines beauty and usefulness — protecting the most
precious fine jewelry keepsakes — our engagement and wedding rings”.